• Photo of A Short Hike Review

    Listen to this Article A Short Hike is a game developed by Adamgryu, a game designer based in Toronto Canada. While the game has been available on PC since 2018, it has recently come to the Nintendo Switch. On August 18th, the game was featured in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, and saw release the very same day. Story In A Short Hike you play as Claire, a young bird who is on vacation with…

  • Photo of Mortal Shell — Second Opinion

    Listen to this Article Another of our writers covered their thoughts over in our Mortal Shell Review – the following is a second opinion of sorts. I am constantly on the scent for a new Souls experience, like a bloodhound on the scent of a duck. Over the years, some games have been able to fulfill my need; others have fallen short. When reviews surfaced of Mortal Shell, I became very disappointed in myself; how did…

  • Photo of Mortal Shell Review

    Listen to this Article Mortal Shell is a true Souls-like, and within the first two hours, I drank moonshine with a bandit, played the lute and pet a kitty. As an added bonus, the game is actually pretty good as well. So what is Mortal Shell? Well, arguably for the first time ever, when the guys over at developer Cold Symmetry say “it’s a Souls-like” —  it actually is! What most developers think a Souls-like…

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