• Photo of Logitech Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset Review

    Listen to this Article I’ve had the chance to review a number of different headsets, and I am constantly pushed to figure out what makes each unique. The Logitech Pro X Wireless Lightspeed gaming headset has pushed me again. While the recent Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro Headset was an extreme surprise when it came to mic quality, I was excited to hear the Pro X was partnering with Blue Vo!ce for their mic. So…

  • Photo of Ghost of Tsushima: The Samurai’s Guide to Survival

    Listen to this Article Have you ever dreamt of being able to play as a samurai? Being able to stand up to your opponents with honor and courage, or sneaking around, killing them from the shadows? If so, then Ghost Of Tsushima is the game for you. The game delivers a beautfiul open world, filled with amazing combat and characters to keep you interested for hours. First announced at Paris Games Week back in 2017, Ghost…

  • Photo of void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium Review

    Listen to this Article void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium is the latest game from Nippon Ichi Software, and it’s certainly a unique one. The game is a mystery dungeon at heart, but it introduces various other aspects to keep the game fresh. The Story The story is quite simple, but I feel that’s where its strengths lie. The game starts as the player character, a cute little robot named Robbie, wakes up in a desolate world. After…

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