Report: Microsoft Will Announce Cheaper Xbox Series X in August

The console will reportedly be weaker than the Xbox Series X

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According to a Eurogamer report published today, Microsoft will announce the rumored cheaper version of the Xbox Series X console in August.

Microsoft reportedly planned to announce the Xbox Series S, codenamed Lockhart, during its E3 2020 press conference. Because the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced E3 2020 to close its doors this year, Microsoft reportedly shifted its announcement plans to August.

As for specs, the Xbox Series S reportedly sports the same CPU as the higher-end Xbox Series X, along with a different GPU and less usable RAM. Also, the Xbox Series S reportedly does away with the disc drive. Thanks to the weaker specs and lack of a disc drive, the Xbox Series S reportedly costs less than the Xbox Series X.

A cheaper console isn’t the only announcement Microsoft might have up its sleeve this summer. The next Xbox 20/20 event is set for July and will provide more information on upcoming first-party next-gen titles, including Halo Infinite.

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