Wrongworld Adds Giant Tameable Hamster Mounts

Before the game exits early access, Sludj Games adds more chaos to its survival title

Wrongworld has added some interesting components to its already topsy-turvy gameplay while it begins to look at exiting Early Access on Steam. Along with craftable player housing, Sludj Games has elected to add a giant, tameable hamster as a mounted companion. Continuing its trend of implementing questionable and outrageous components to its game.

The game features a furry space creature attempting to survive on a low poly world filled with ridiculously freakish inhabitants and boasts an unforgiving take on the survival genre. Housing will protect our bug-eyed friend from evil slugs once the sun sets, and if his little legs can’t handle traversing the terrifying world on which he stands, a giant hamster will be spawned somewhere on the map waiting to be domesticated.

The experiences of the main character in Wrongworld has hit a streak of bad luck. After heading home from a routine intergalactic shopping trip, the nameless character crash lands on Wrongworld and immediately acknowledges his demise is imminent. Nevertheless, the player must help our furry friend find materials, craft necessities as well as novelty items like jetpacks, and maybe even collect enough parts to build a spaceship for a voyage back home.

Wrongworld will offer both permadeath and non-permadeath game modes and encourages players to embrace the ridiculousness of the planet. Enemy monsters include odd-looking pigs, squiggly snakes, and a confusingly adorable snow monster. The game will force the player to consider extreme weather, UFOs, and this odd thing I can’t stop thinking about that looks like a dirty cookie monster.

Sludj Games is a developer and publisher run by someone referred to as “Person A“, an Englishman who began making games with the goal of just making players happy.

Check out the trailer to Wrongworld below, and look for more news from Gaming Historia here.

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