Willy Morgan And The Curse Of The Bone Town Review

Looking For a Well Written Adventure?

Small studios can bring to life nicely written stories with great gameplay. This exactly describes the Willy Morgan And The Curse Of The Bone Town.

This beautiful Point and Click adventure is aperfect fit for lazy Sunday afternoons.
You play as young boy Willy Morgan. Story begins with receiving a letter from 10 years ago addressed by your father Henry Morgan. That is exactly where you decide to go for an adventure and find out what happened to him.

Willy Morgan - Bone Town

This review will be completely spoiler free because it’s written very well. It would be shame to deprive you of the experience.
Therefore I will focus on gameplay itself and how the game feels overall.

Willy Morgan - Library

It is very nice that this game explains you basic controls and that’s all. Everything else is up to you.
Your duty is to figure out what is your next step and collect all the missing tools/parts and necessary components.

The game gives you hints through conversations and can only show you what objects you can interact with.
There are few flaws where sometimes conversations force you into certain answers/questions but that is a very minor problem.
Additionally, the second after you are back on your own you have to find out what to do yourself.
I would definitely say it’s a nice way to show the player basic direction but not hand hold through every level.
There are many fun ways to goof around especially in dialogues.

Willy Morgan - Inn

Graphics, in this case more like artwork, are brilliant and suits the game perfectly. Locations are very nice and detailed as well as characters.
Looking at this game will definitely not hurt your eyes because it has full HD quality and you can clearly see that the design team really put their hearts into it.

Willy Morgan Inside Library

Overall the game is decent, it has it’s mistakes/flaws as mentioned before and others for example music which does not feel fit or even a bit predictable story. But in my opinion if you are a fan of Point and Click adventures and you prefer good writing over bad acting I can recommend you this nice little indie title.
At least give it a shot. It is not among the titans within the larger genre but you can definitely feel the love that the team put into this game and I personally enjoyed playing it.

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