Weave Just Blew My Childhood Mind

Weave is a new way to play tabletop games. It does something I never really considered in all my years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, Hero System, and Werewolf. This is why I am doing this, instead of innovating how we play. Weave is a “smart” Story Teller screen. Something akin to D&D light.

Using NFC connectivity and app downloads to create characters and play out stories, the screen and cards guide one story teller and at least one player through a story full of challenges and interesting locations. I miss the traditional tabletop gaming of my younger years. The timing and resources required were becoming too much to handle, but it seems Weave may just be the perfect way for a quick game to get rocking and rolling.

Will Weave be as deep as traditional pen and paper games? I’m not positive it will be, but we will let you know once we get a chance to put our hands on the device. If you want to know more, in depth, check out this video and the connected playlist to learn more about the game and everything it has to offer.


Chris has been playing around in the gaming industry for entirely too long. These days he is working on become an educator while also chasing his passion of helping up and coming writers and content creators make a name for themselves. He’s a talker, so careful if you value your time.

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