Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Valheim Console Port

At least it's on PC!

Although Valheim has been a runaway success for developer Iron Gate Studio, console fans probably shouldn’t hold their collective breath for a console port.

According to the game’s FAQ page, Iron Gate Studio currently doesn’t have plans to port Valheim to consoles. The developer didn’t rule out console versions in the future, but there’s nothing as of now to indicate the game will launch on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch consoles.

Even if a port exists, we likely wouldn’t see it for some time. There are only five people currently at Iron Gate Studio, although the huge success of Valheim could change the team size. In less than two weeks, the game, which is currently in Early Access on Steam, has sold over two million copies.

The good news is Iron Gate Studio looks to beef up Valheim with additional content. The game’s roadmap for 2021 includes four major updates. It might also get other small improvements, including multiplayer interactions, combat improvements, a sandbox mode, and much more.

Released February 2, Valheim is a co-op survival title where you must craft tools, build shelters, and fight enemies in order to, well, survive.

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