Turtle Beach’s Recon 70 Gaming Headset Get Colorful

We reviewed the Turtle Beach Recon 70 a little while back and we were fairly impressed. It seems that the headset has become one of the best sellers for the company and now they have released a line of new colors to allow you to customize your ear holes.

“Our Recon 70 series gaming headsets have been doing great since they launched last April, becoming the Company’s best-selling* headsets on multiple platforms, so we’re excited to give fans even more color choices as they gear-up for another great year of gaming,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach. “With new consoles on the horizon, the Recon 70Silver and Camo options are great choices for gamers looking to get a new high-quality gaming headset for less than $50.”

The Xbox One and PS4 models come in black or white with green and blue accents, respectively, and the Switch version comes with a black frame and red accents. In addition, the new Recon 70 Silver and Recon 70 Came versions will be available for all systems. Since this is a passive headset which uses a standard 3.5mm jack, you can use them on any game system, PC, and mobile devices.

Oh, and we have a giveaway for a Recon 70 (Switch Version) that works with any 3.5mm device. Just follow the rules listed below.

To enter, make sure to follow us on Twitter as we will keep updates going as the contest runs. To enter, leave a comment on any article you find on backtothegaming.com. One comment a day for the duration of the contest is an entry but the caveat is that the comment needs to be relevant to the article! The folks here are doing good work and I’ll drop a few bucks to ship out the headset to the winner to make sure their work is noticed. We are looking for real comments, not just “Hey, great site, headset pl0x?”

So jump in there and read some of the stuff we have produced over the last 3 years and get yourself entered for one of the better passive headsets on the market. I still use mine from time to time and can’t complain at all. In fact, I’m pretty happy that I still have it when I’m not in the need for a wireless headset. Good luck!

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