Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR Headset Review

I have been using Turtle Beach headsets for a while now and while I love the Elite Atlas Aero it isn’t the most comfortable headset for VR play. So I reached out to Turtle Beach to see if they had a VR specific headset and what do you know… they did. So they sent the Stealth 350VR for me to test with my Rift S and I can say that it is no Elite Atlas, but it is also no slouch – especially for the price.


To start, the Stealth 350VR is designed with most VR headsets in mind. If you have strapped on a Rift S, Index, PSVR, or any of the other face hugging screens out there you know that there is rarely a good way to get sound without using earbuds or built in speakers. VR headsets generally leave a lot to be desired when it comes to sounds (R.I.P. Oculus CV1). Though, I have found a number of headsets that fit and work, few were truly comfortable and generally broke my “immersion.”

Once charged up the Stealth 350VR, plugged in the headphone jack and started playing Pistol Whip I expected to hear a sub par sound. I’ll get to that momentarily. The important thing, though, was that it was comfortable. I was able to run around in a number of games without any discomfort and with games like Pistol Whip, that rely on sound and focus, it was like an angel came down and cradles my ears in booming comfort.


I’ve seen these cans for around $40 USD. Wireless headphones for that price generally sound like tin cans hooked up with string. You don’t get quality, you get what you pay for. I will say this first, they aren’t the Elite Atlas Aero but they are surprisingly close. So much so that I would be hard pressed to tell you to buy the Aero over the 350VR if you had to buy just one and VR was important.

The bass was the most impressive part of the headset, which I really expected to do little more than push out a rather muffled or broken sounding quality. Instead, I was very impressed. With the mixture of sounds I was able to easily locate where things were in the 3D space of VR and the quality was far above what I expected from a budget friendly set. When there is a ton of sound all at once, things can get a bit convoluted, but for almost all of my time in VR with the 350VR I had no problems at all with the sound. In fact, I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of positional audio and the quality of different levels.


The Turtle Beach 350VR headset is a marvel for the price. It is extremely comfortable with a VR headset on and produces high quality and positional audio that should not be possible at the price. The phones are good enough to use as a stand alone headset for the average user, though those that are audiophiles or wont be using VR often should look at the slightly higher priced but much better sounding options out there. Still, when it comes to VR audio, there are few options as comfortable and of such a good build and sound quality as the 350VR.

Turtle Beach provided a pair of the Stealth 350VR Headset for this review. 

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Turtle Beach 350VR Headset


Overall Grade



  • Extreme Comfort in VR
  • Sound Quality is Above Average for This Price Range
  • Positional Audio is just short of great


  • Sound Can Get a Little Muddy at Times
  • Headset Is Only Worth the Purchase for VR Users

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