Turtle Beach Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer Review

The Turtle Beach Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer is a small unassuming piece of tech. The little box connected to the USB port is created through sorcery. Any headset with a 3.5mm jack will work with the device and it changes the game, literally. No spec sheet for this one, its a USB to 3.5mm jack, so on to the review.

What is the Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer

Atlas Edge Box

The Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer turns any headset into headphones that use Waves Nx 3D audio, as well as a few extra benefits, such as mic monitoring and Super Human hearing. Don’t expect a long review here, though, as this is a simple device that does incredible work. As I mentioned in the review for the Elite Atlas Pro, you’ll end up with a decent headset out of the box, but with the Atlas Edge, you end up with an amazing headset.

This is true across all headsets, which range in price and quality a great deal. Essentially, you are getting $30 adapter that will change everything about how your earphones sound. If you look at the Elite Atlas Pro review side by side with this you can see the differences as I noted for each of the following songs.

“Andre the Giant” – Prof – Very clear.

White Album – Sounds about the same as most other headsets.

Abbey Road – “The End” – Nice 3D audio mixing especially in “Her Majesty”.

“Let Me Roll It” – Paul McCartney – Clear difference in vocals and different instruments.

“Mean Demeanor” – Run the Jewels – Good Lo-Fi mix off sounds. Vocals Clear.

Childish Gambino – “IV. Sweatpants” – Solid vocals. Clear separation of sounds.

“Nothing for Free” – Paul McCartney – Good variety in vocals but opening mix is a little muddy – clears up at bridge. Treble hits a little hard.

“I Turn My Camera On” – Spoon – Instrumentation is very clear. Vocals sound like they are in your brain and lo-fi at the same time. Like a lo-fi band is whispering right next to your ear.

As you can see there is some significant differences in the two reviews. Here the songs sound much closer to how I expected. I generally listen through THX certified speakers, or the audio system in my car, so I’ve heard these songs hundreds of times and know what to expect. With the Atlas Edge there is a very clear difference in each of these songs.

Gaming Enhanced

On top of the multimedia performance, you also end up with extremely solid gameplay sound. Sea of Thieves has been my main testing game due to the clean sounds. Everything becomes significantly better with the Atlas Edge. Overall, this is the type of accessory that should be on any PC desk. Games and multimedia both sound leaps and bounds better and it all comes down to some sort of magic.

The included software gives you tons of options and lets you really customize exactly how you want things to sound, so the results posted above could be tweaked to sound even better. I went with the signature sound to get a solid baseline that will be used by most users out of the box.



This is an incredible accessory. While I was trying to figure out just how big of a difference this made I explored a lot of media. Of note, which I didn’t list above is “Gun’s and Ships” from Hamilton. I know each word from the song, but I can never understand them all most of the time. With the Atlas Edge I could follow each word. The same is true for anything with quick vocals.

In games, everything sounds better and I can get a good feel for what is going on around me. Of course I haven’t tested it with every single game on the market, but the sample size was enough to be very impressed. All I can tell you is this is one device that I can suggest without any hesitation. The asking price is more than reasonable and it makes such a significant difference that it almost feels as necessary as a mouse and keyboard.

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