Total War: Troy Review

Is It as Bad as People Think?

“…There is the heat of Love, the pulsing rush of Longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible—magic to make the sanest man go mad.”
Homer, The Iliad
This verse from The Iliad written by Greek poet Homer pretty much describes my feelings towards Total War Troy.
I have been playing Total War Troy for something over two months now trying to figure out how, in the best way possible I should do the review. It’s probably because Total War in the last few years made innovations to their games but also took something from them. Therefore it makes me simultaneously feel love for the series but also slowly drives me mad.

Total War Troy Menu

First Look

First I would say that Total War Troy is not bad as most people think. To many people it may seem that the Total War series falls apart with the introduction of the heroes system. For me this statement is mostly right, at least in the case of Three Kingdoms. On the other hand with Troy, where the whole game is based on ancient Greek mythology where heroes are praised, (e.g. Achilles, Hector, Odysseus…) it’s actually working very well. After all it’s because of these heroes and personas that Iliad is written and to me this feature only makes the game more immersive.

That is the case for heroes but unfortunately the same effect does not apply for special units, which you can earn after completing prayers to gods and getting their favor to its maximum level. Alternatively they can be gained when you capture certain regions where these special units are located. It is because they are portrayed as people that are different, for example just very big as it is in the case of cyclops.  I can totally understand why some people dislike this feature and I am one of them. My personal opinion would be not to include these units at all.

Total War Troy Seige

Gameplay and Graphics

I will start with graphics because those are breathtaking. The whole campaign map is very beautiful and I have fallen in love with night time and the overall lighting of the cities and villages. Battle maps are diverse and almost unrepeatable despite the condition that many regions are very similar to each other in vegetation and geography. Also I have to add that game is very well optimized for a Total War game. For example in the case of Rome II a high percentage of people suffered stuttering without reason and multiple problems with the settings, despite their build being more than recommended.

But for Troy it is different story. I tested the game on a mid end gaming laptop (Acer Nitro 5, Radeon RX 560x, AMD Ryzen 2500U mobile edition) and I was easily playing on the high setting with an average of 35 FPS. Compared to the recommended/minimum requirements I should not be able at all to run this game on high settings on the laptop at all.

Total War Troy Night Campaign Map

Gameplay itself has changed a lot, especially in the campaign map and unit recruitment aspects of the game. Now it is not enough to keep only food but you need to take in consideration multiple other factors like bronze, stone, wood and gold. This gives a brand new way of playing. Sure it brings it’s flaws like many exploits that can be used to cheese through the game, but if you are looking for more immersive experience then it gives you a challenge especially on higher difficulties.
Bronze, gold and food are needed to recruit better and more armored units while the wood and stone are used to build better buildings. And trust me,  you will not always have access to all the resources you need,  thats when the diplomacy steps in.  Depending on what culture you choose to play, it will also change your diplomacy settings.

You can choose between Danaans or Trojans.
Among Danaans you can find heroes like Achilles, leader of Phytia or Odysseus, king of Ithaca. As Trojans you can of course play as Hector or Paris. There are way more heroes to play as and as each and every one of them you have a different play style. Each of the heroes have their special unit and special abilities as well as special extra traits that have a role and impact on the world around you. For example Achilles has to seek for duels and his mood changes which might be very useful or devastating to your plans. In every case you have to be always very aware of your faction leader and use their traits properly.
Of course you can chose to ignore that and play the complete opposite to your faction play style, but again if you are looking for little bit more immersion these play styles have many similarities to their leaders and how they are portrayed in history.

Total War Troy Hero Tab

Battle gameplay has not changed much which is a bit of a shame. You still use light, medium and heavy units in order to defeat your opponent. A few things that I would like to highlight is that I preferred having less duels. Only heroes can initiate duels such as Achilles. That I found very impressive and positive because Achilles was the ultimate duelist and was presented as immortal. The Same way it is in Total War Troy which only adds to the immersion of the bronze age and the overall mythology.
In other ways there have not been many changes in battle gameplay and there will be nothing that can surprise players familiar with the Total War Series.

Total War Troy Battle in Rain

My Two Cents

In my opinion this game deserves a chance. Of course it has its negatives and positives but what game doesn’t? If you are a Total War fan, or even if you are not, this game is fun and you should give it a shot. If you are a history geek like myself and love Greek mythology you will enjoy the immersion and precision that Total War put in this title and the option to lead your own fate of Troy in any way you want. The one thing I have to point out is the surprisingly good optimisation of the game compared to other Total War titles. So do not hesitate and give the Total War series one more chance.

After all who would not like to play and feel as strong as Achilles in front of the gates of Troy.

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