Total War Troy: Amazons DLC

Is Amazons Worth Playing?

Here we go again, the infamous Total War DLC’s.

Total War Troy is about three months old now and a month ago it received it’s first DLC called Amazons.
Unfortunately, as we all know the Total War series has never been friendly or generous in it’s approach to customers/fans.

Even though Amazons is free if you managed to make an Total War account on their website, the price for the content is still questionable.

Total War Troy Amazons DLC Battle

What’s New?

In Amazons we get two new faction leaders from the Amazon clan. I could easily end the review here because that’s basically all that this DLC brings, but let’s break it down anyway.

First, you will be able to chose between two Amazon leaders Hippolyta or Penthesilea.
Hippolyta gives very little to offer and is similar to every other faction leader in the game. The only thing new is her abilities and options in controlling her surroundings on the campaign map. While Hippolyta only offers a slightly different playstyle, Penthesilea is a little bit more interesting.

Total War Troy Amazons DLC Leader Option

While playing as Penthesilea you will not be able to capture any cities (similar to Beastmen from Total War Warhammer 2), so your only options after defeating an enemy city is either Raze and Kill All or Raze and Enslave.

The first option gives you higher number of battle glory, which you need in order to recruit special units.
Option number two gives you bonuses to your Hoard so you can eventually level up your buildings, recruit more armies etc.

Also your population depends on the growing Hoard in order to build new buildings while in the encamped stance on the campaign map. This requires you to make a couple of strategic decisions in the beginning phases of battle.

She sure is fun to play and is also very nice that both Amazon leaders have kind and contagious personalities.
This gives you the ability to form alliances without difficulty.

Total War Troy Amazons DLC Siege Battle

As I mentioned before, Hippolyta’s play style is not so different from other leaders. You capture settlements and expand your territories.

One thing that deserves a bit attention are her special traits. In order to grow very powerful you need to capture sacred regions and collect lost Amazon treasures. Unfortunately, there is not much of a change in the play style unlike her Amazon sister.

Total War Troy Amazons DLC Hippolyta

Is It Worth It?

This question is debatable because if you managed to get this DLC for free I say the answer is yes. Even though Amazons doesn’t introduce a lot of new features, the two more leaders and different play styles are fun.
If you didn’t manage to register on Total War website and have to pay for the DLC then the answer is no. I can only recommend Amazons to super dedicated fans who must have everything from Total War.

All in all, I feel that Amazon’s 7.99€ price tag is a bit too steep. With only two new leaders and very little new features overall, Amazons feels more reasonable for about half that price. As it currently stands, I can only suggest Amazons to players with a Total War account or when the DLC goes on sale.


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