Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes

On August 8th 2019 the newest DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms was released. Set in the year 291 C.E it follows the newly emerged Jin dynasty (266-420 C.E.) that ended the Three Kingdoms Period by unifying China.  Specifically, it is set during the historical War of the Eight Princes (291-306 C.E). During this period, there was much internal warfare over the control of the regency of the current emperor. Historically, the war ended with the “victory” of Sima Yue. However, Sima Yue soon died and the Jin dynasty subsequently lost most of northern China due to war.


The Eight Princes expansion follows the War of the Eight Princes. It allows players to select one of the eight princes in an attempt to rewrite history. Each of the eight princes has at least one unique unit recruitable to their faction fitting their historic recruitment pool. This allows for distinctive army compositions for each lord. Additionally, each prince has a special resource with benefits and drawbacks in order to create unique Grand Campaign play styles. Furthermore, the Grand Campaign is further modified with the addition of a notable building chain for each prince which offers a different benefit.

Currently on Steam, Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes has mostly “mixed” reviews. The primary complaint being a lack of content added. The DLC is going for $8.99 on Steam, which is cheaper than a faction DLC in Total War: Warhammer 2 which usually run over $15. However, it is in line with a Lord DLC which usually run from $7 – $8. Have fun turning the Yellow River red. If you are interested in the history of the Jin dynasty (266-420 C.E), there are two other Jin dynasties that appear later, the Later Jin which claims to be a successor to the Jin and the 1115-1234 Jin dynasty which is unrelated. Check out the official DLC page here.

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