The World Ends With You: The Animation Announced

DS classic gets an anime adaptation

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Square Enix has announced through a Twitter page that the cult classic RPG The World Ends With You has an anime adaptation in the works. We know very little about the project, but a full reveal will be shown at the Anime Expo on July 3.

The Twitter page has a link to a countdown website linked here. The site has both a countdown and a few references to the game such as the “You Have X Days” message. The overall style and the various screenshots of the locations are also taken from the game, which is a nice touch.

What is The World Ends With You?

The World Ends With You is a gorgeous game with the perfect amount of late 2000s edge. Its visual style and modern setting allowed it to stand out among the countless other Nintendo DS RPGs. The only thing holding it back visually was the DS hardware. An anime adaptation means that the world of the game can be shown in its full glory instead of the restrictive Manga stylised presentation of the game’s cutscenes. If there’s a good team animating it, I’m sure it will capture the mood of the game well, while at the same time looking great.

This was not the only anime adaptation to be announced this week, with Cyberpunk 2077 also receiving one on Netflix, as reported here. Limited details on both of these projects have been released. However, for now, we can only stay tuned for July 3 to see what direction the adaptation takes.

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