The Wolf Among Us 2 Will Not Be at The Game Awards

It needs more time in the oven

Those looking for an update on The Wolf Among Us 2 will not see it at tonight’s Game Awards ceremony, according to a statement from Telltale Games published today.

In the statement, the developer said it’s working on the entire season at once instead of a per-episode basis. Telltale also said “there is more to do” and it will “have a lot more to talk about” at some point.

It’s not entirely surprising, seeing how last year’s unveiling of The Wolf Among Us 2 confirmed the game was moving into pre-production. There’s also the shuttering of the original Telltale studio in October 2018. LCG Entertainment revived Telltale in August 2019 and acquired many of the studio’s assets.

The tumultuous turn of events led to a restarted development cycle for The Wolf Among Us 2. It’s unknown where the game’s current development stands. However, the added wrinkle of COVID-19 means Telltale will take its time with the game.

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