The FFTCG Q&A Blog 2: War of the Visions Coming

FFTCG producer Tarou Kageyama is back to discuss more about the future of FFTCG in the latest Q&A. It is a short read, but there are a few things of note concerning upcoming Opuses and games that could be included going forward.

In the interview, Kageyama-san discussed the difference in combination and multi-element cards. The likelihood of combination cards making a return has been reduced now that we will see a debut of multi-element cards coming in Opus XII. He also spoke about the mistakes in the Chapter series (the original launch of the card game before the reboot) with a special call out to Good King Moogle Mog XII which reads as follows:




When Good King Moggle Mog XII enters the Field, search for any number of [Job (Moogle)] with a combined cost of 7 or less and put them on the Field Dulled. For the rest of this game, you can’t put characters on the Field which are not Shine element, Dark element or [Job (Moogle)].

All players can’t summon Summons of cost 1 or less.

The cost of [Job (Moogle)] in your hand and the cost of action abilities of [Job (Moogle)] can be paid using any type of CP.

King Moogle would essentially allow you to get up to 5 cards out on the first turn without any other work. Moogles rampaged for a while during the Chapter times and he keeps that in mind going forward. But he also seems to hint that if he had to choose one character or card, this would be the one. He does admit he wants to forget about the cards that broke Chapters, which bodes well for the future of the game.

Speaking of the Future of FFTCG

He seemed to lean on the fact that there will be no new mechanics in the FFTCG for the damage zone for the foreseeable future. He did mention new EX Burst cards and more work with the Damage keyword.

Finally, he discussed the length on which sets are worked. Generally, the initial card list is completed a year in advance. Next it goes into testing about 8 months ahead of release. Half a year before the full release they generally are finalized. So, they are currently working on FFTCG Opux XIV though we have no information about the set yet. He did confirm that FFBE War of the Visions should be expected in future sets. Don’t expect any characters from games outside of those that specifically have the name FINAL FANTASY in the title.

The full Q&A can be read here on the Final Fantasy TCG homepage.

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