The “Bug” That Cost an eSports Team a Tournament

CWL London Open has passed with 100 Thieves being the victor. But there was another talking point of the event...

This past weekend was full of multiple hours of gameplay for eSports fans. Nearly every mainstream game had something to watch, both online and live, with multiple events spanning the world. One of these events was Call of Duty World League (CWL) London Open, hosted at the Copper Box Arena in Stratford, London. The three day event had several highlights from the intense crowd to the winners, 100 Thieves, getting their first win as a team and as an organisation as a whole. But one talking point overshadowed the entire event.

At CWL London Open, there was a pool play, where four teams will play each other in a best of five series. Your placing determines whether you start in the winners or losers of a double-elimination bracket. On Saturday, the newly reformed FaZe Clan found themselves against CWL Fort Worth Open champions Luminosity Gaming (LG). The series started off with a surprising victory on the Hardpoint for FaZe, who were heavy underdogs due to their lack of chemistry as a team as well as their recent 3-0 thrashing by OpTic Gaming in the winner’s bracket. Luminosity then struck in the Search and Destroy, stopping a heroic reverse sweep comeback and winning 6-5. This leveled the series 1-1 and the observations were very black and white. FaZe needed to win the two following respawn maps – Control and a second Hardpoint – to win the series as their Search and Destroy was, in other words, abysmal.

Control is a new game mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There are two teams, one attacking and one defending. The attacking team needs to capture two points on the map, while the defending team needs to defend them until the time runs out. Each team has 30 lives and thus if either team runs out of lives, they will lose the map. So the win conditions for the attacking team is to capture the two points or get all the kills, while the defending team needs to stop the points from being captured or get all the kills. It’s a best of five, so the first team to win three rounds wins the game. Simple, right?

Gridlock is the best way to explain the map, despite it taking place on the map Seaside. The series was tied 1-1, the map tied 2-2. FaZe were on the offense with Zone B, the harder of the two zones on Seaside, left to capture. There was 30 seconds left on the clock and so FaZe had to stay on the zone to capture it. Oh, and did I mention that it was a 3v2 in favour of Luminosity? FaZe struck first blood, as well as second, putting it all down to Josiah “Slacked” Berry to eliminate the remaining two FaZe members. What followed was, in other words, chaos.

As you can see in this clip, Slacked slides into the zone and uses his specialist ability, Gravity Slam, to kill the two remaining members of FaZe. The commentators go wild, before realising both Slacked and FaZe Clan’s Trei “Zer0” Morris were celebrating. After a few moments of confusion, the game revealed that Luminosity won the map… Except they technically didn’t.

See, if you watch the clip again, you can see that Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparratto actually captured the point just moments before Slacked entered the zone. This means FaZe captured the two zones within the time while being alive and thus their win condition was met first. But due to Black Ops 4’s engine, the game lasts a second longer than the round and that was when Slacked got the kills, thus securing Luminosity’s win condition of eliminating all lives of FaZe Clan. So who won?

After a lengthy delay, the referees decided to go with the games verdict and thus gave the map to LG. Luminosity, already rather disliked from the British crowd, were quick to know what the fans thought, as seen in this clip. “The referee’s a w****r”, a famous football chant, was clearly audible on stream. These chants continued throughout the series, changing into “F**k off LG, always cheating.” Then, during the rest of the event, the Arsenal chant “What do you think of Tottenham was used frequently, but with LG instead of Tottenham. Even Reciprocity player, Tom “Tommey” Trewen got in on the chant, prompting the crowd to erupt on Sunday.

This verdict ultimately lost FaZe the series, as they hammered Luminosity in the second Hardpoint (and so had the map gone their way, they would have won 3-1) but then got instant karma in the Search and Destroy, losing 6-1 and the series 3-2. Needless to say, the crowd was happy when LG got knocked out by Team Envy in the following round, chanting the “Goodbye” version of ‘Hey Jude’ when it was announced they had been defeated.

Several pro players were appalled by the decision, with OpTic Gaming’s Seth “Scump” Abner tweetingFaZe was eliminated from a tournament today after winning a series, goodnight.” His fellow teammate, Ian “Crimsix” Porter, suggested that a full match replay was in order. Needless to say, the players were not happy, with many stating they felt “robbed”.

Many people have guessed the reason the referee went with the game was due to the same thing happening the day prior, ironically against LG, while facing Denial. Fans have surfaced an old clip, once again featuring LG, where a similar thing happened but was correctly given to the offensive team while another tested it himself to show that this isn’t a “bug” but could be an unintended part of the game. Regardless, it is possible to replicate and will happen in any game, be it in a tournament setting or your games at home. As of the time of writing, Treyarch have not addressed this.

What do you guys think of this? Was Luminosity right to have the map win or did FaZe get robbed? If FaZe won, would they have beaten Team Envy and Gen.G to get Top 4 at CWL London Open? Let us know in the comments down below or feel free to tweet me!

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