The Artistic Future of Final Fantasy TCG

If you haven’t been paying attention to the site recently you will notice that we have some stuff on the docket for the Final Fantasy TCG coming down the line. For now, we are throwing out some breadcrumbs to keep ourselves, and the readers, up to date on the latest. Recently, FF-TCG Producer, Tarou Kageyama released an article discussing the future of the art for the titular card game.

For those that have been playing the game for a while now, or went on a spending spree to play catch up…, you will likely have noticed a significant increase in art across the board. In this producer special volume, Kageyama discusses the future of art for the game. Of note, he discussed the first original illustrations, done by Toshiyuki Itahana, which were the Chocobo (chocobo’s, chocobi?) and Moogle from Opus IV. They weren’t sure how to create the cards with existing art and that is where they turned to Itahana-san, who graciously agreed to create the three original pieces of art for Chocobo (4-062C), Fat Chocobo (4-064L) and Moogle (4-069H).

Kageyama-san went on to discuss how this was a bit of a revelation and sparked a “desire in my heart.” Since the encounter with Itahana-san the team has been able to commission more and more original art, which has lead to the more recent release of full-art cards which started in Opus IX.

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