Here’s Why Terraria on Google Stadia Has Been Cancelled

A blow for Google Stadia fans

On Twitter over the weekend, Terraria co-creator Andrew Spinks announced the game will no longer launch on Google Stadia.

According to Spinks, the decision was due to him being locked out of his Google account since mid-January. He said he reached out to Google several times to understand what was happening, only for Google to have “done nothing but given me the runaround.”

Spinks is unable to access his Gmail account of over 15 years due to the lockout. He’s also unable to access his Google Drive data, his YouTube account, and purchased apps on Google Play.

All of this leaves the Android version of Terraria with a murky future. Spinks said his company will not support any Google platform moving forward, but Terraria is still on the Google Play Store as of this morning.

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