Members of Piracy Group Arrested Over Hacking Tools

No word on what will happen to the rest of the group

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According to a press release published on the U.S. Department of Justice website, several members of prominent console hacking and piracy group Team Xecuter were recently arrested.

Max Louarn, Yuanning Chen, and Gary Bowser face 11 charges, including wire fraud, trafficking in circumvention devices, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. All charges are felonies and carry up to 70 years of jail time for each defendant.

Although it offered hacks for the PlayStation Classic and NES Classic, Team Xecuter is best known for its Nintendo hacks. Of note is the SX Pro, a USB device that allows the Nintendo Switch to run pirated games.

“[Louarn, Chen, and Bowser] lined their pockets by stealing and selling the intellectual property of other video-game developers — even going so far as to make customers pay a licensing fee to play stolen games,” said attorney Brian Moran.

It’s unknown if anything will happen to other Team Xecuter members.

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