Super Nintendo World in Japan to Temporarily Close

No word on when the park will re-open

Only a month after it opened Super Nintendo World in Japan, Universal Studios Japan announced yesterday it would close the theme park until further notice.

Currently, the Osaka prefecture is under a state of emergency due to the increasing number of daily COVID-19 cases. The U.K. variant is causing more infections due to it being more contagious — Osaka saw a record 1,219 new cases this past Sunday.

As a result of the infections, Universal Studios Japan decided to temporarily close Super Nintendo World until Osaka’s state of emergency has been lifted.

Osaka won’t be the only prefecture under a state of emergency — Japan plans to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo, Hyogo, and Kyoto as well.

Super Nintendo World is currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood in California and Universal’s Epic Universe in Orlando, Florida. There are talks of Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Singapore, though no timeline was announced.

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