Strobophagia Review

The Weirdest Gaming Experience Ever

Strobophagia is a small indie horror title from Green Tile Digital studio that is trying to bring an interesting new concept to the horror game genre.

First of all it is one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had in gaming. Unfortunately, this game does not deliver enough excitement to reach a wider range of players but let us break the game down first, of course spoiler free.


A simple but quite enjoyable first few moments start you off but later the excitement and joy from playing the game falls off. The premise is pretty simple. You came to a party as called the ‘Headless Rave Festival’. Then you take a phone and the game starts. At the beginning you are looking for Wi-Fi spots to have a signal. Whenever you reach a new signal you also receive new messages that lead you to your next goal. Once you finish all these “Wi-Fi tasks” the game starts for real. You have to survive and fight for your life in the horrid premise of the game where you feel that almost everything is against you; even nature itself. The whole game is really weird and will test your sanity and it is a strange experience as mentioned before. I mean this in a good way.

Strobophagia Party

What the game needs is some optimization. Frequent FPS drops, from a clean 60 to 13 is pretty bad. Any time I moved my mouse fast the whole game just lost ton of frames no matter what graphic quality I was playing on. It does need a bit more work from an optimization perspective. Even if it is a small indie studio, the ability to play the game smoothly is a pretty basic standard these days.

Strobophagia The Door


Visually speaking is where the game my be trying so hard to be unique that it is where the game loses the most. Everything is nice and colorful and flashy. Neon lights are everywhere. The colors are very nice and give the game an interesting look, well at least for first few hours. In my case after some in-game time all the lights started to be kind of irritating. I would even say annoying. Don’t get me wrong I am not light sensitive or anything but too much is just too much. After some time it becomes overwhelming. If the visuals would come in smaller doses it may alleviate some of the fatigue. Unfortunately, lighting is a huge part of the game and I’m not sure there is a way to fix this issue. For me, less is more.

Strobophagia Ritual Site


Making a suggestion on this game is hard. Sure the game is very unique, has original design choices and can definitely be classified as horror game. On the other hand, the game feels very unfinished, unpolished and empty. In simple words the main weapon of the developers became their biggest weakness and it is a shame. The game does have potential, is nicely weird in a good way and is enjoyable for the first few hours. It’s all the flaws that makes it harder to suggest.

So, if you are looking for a trippy ride and you do not look at any other aspect of the game except the trippiness I would say ‘sure why not’. For most people that are looking for quality and good gameplay where they can spend hours and hours or even replay the game, this is unfortunately is probably not worth it. Ultimately, this is a hard title to recommend.


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