Sony Pushed Back Against Crossplay, Court Documents Show

As with any other company, it was about the Benjamins

Court documents revealed during the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Apple showed how hesitant Sony was regarding crossplay between PlayStation consoles and other platforms.

The documents were a series of emails between Epic Games vice president of business development Joe Kreiner and former Sony Interactive Entertainment senior director Gio Corsi. Kreiner offered a set of proposals to Corsi in an effort to enable crossplay for Fortnite. These proposals include letting Sony make the announcement, offering a unique Fortnite character through PlayStation Plus, and extending Sony’s Unreal Engine 4 license.

However, Corsi didn’t budge. He noted that “cross-platform play is not a slam dunk no matter the size of the title.”

“As you know, many companies are exploring this idea and not a single one can explain how cross-console play improves the PlayStation experience.”

Sony would eventually find that improvement in 2019 with its cross-platform revenue share policy. Under the policy, a publisher would pay Sony a royalty whenever PlayStation players pay more than a certain percentage of a cross-platform title’s revenue.

Also, the policy prevents publishers from transferring virtual currency to and from PlayStation consoles. This was possibly a pain point for Epic Games, since Fortnite features its V-Bucks virtual currency.

It’s unknown if Sony still implements this policy, or if either Microsoft or Nintendo has a similar policy in place.

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