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“Little things make big things happen.”

This saying is true not only in real life but also within the games industry. A small development team called Indigo Studios already have some projects under their belt but have recently released a new title. Seven Doors is a small indie puzzle game that combines the unknown with a great atmosphere and puzzle solving.


One first look at the game, and it’s clear it will be atmospheric. This game is not only breathtaking but it maintains an aura of surprise throughout, from the beginning to the very end. This was exciting, as the unknown can be the greatest enemy of all. The game’s beginning is so minimalistic that it’s almost scary, and at some points you feel like you’re playing a horror game. The whole introduction is told in four sentences, and two of them are there to teach you the controls and how to operate them. Right from the beginning, Seven Doors sets the tone for its experience and never lets go of it. You can never know what to expect, that’s what is so undoubtedly impressive.

seven doors chessboard

Puzzles Are The Powers

Your main task in Seven Doors is to solve puzzles and get to the next level where, surprisingly, another puzzle awaits. To some this may sound boring or even repetitive, but don’t let this discourage you! The game presents puzzles so different and diverse from each other to purposely test your logical thinking and skills of deduction. From simple observations up to code decrypting tasks, the game keeps you on your mental toes. The core of the game is its puzzles, and combined with the atmosphere, Seven Doors delivers a great experience. Puzzles are very interesting, challenging and the feeling you get when you put together the last piece and open the door to the next room is nerve wracking, but incredibly satisfying. That feeling is what Seven Doors is all about.

Seven Doors Three Statues in Destroyed Room


If you like puzzle games then this one is definitely for you. Not only you will have fun solving the puzzles and scratching your brain for some time, but the atmosphere will relax, intrigue and threaten you all at once with its constant aura of surprise. There are a couple of things I have to point out about the game which were not as impressive. Its length, older graphics and complete lack of storyline are notable downsides. The game looks like it could be from 2015. Furthermore, it may have no story but it’s actually the length of the game that is most disappointing. I was surprised how diverse and challenging the whole concept is, but I would have liked a longer experience than the two hours it provided.

I can definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzles. The game is fun and challenging with a great atmosphere, and is relatively inexpensive on Steam. Considering its length though, you may want to wait for one of the regular price drops during a Steam sale.

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