Sea of Thieves Setting Sail for Steam Release

Starboard and Port

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Update: Sea of Thieves can now be found on Steam.

Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves appears to be getting a Steam release thanks to a sighting on the PC platform.

The previously console and Windows only Pirate-centric title has appeared on Steam with no announcement at the time of writing.

Sea of Thieves grants players the opportunity to live their best pirate life with friends or alone and first released in 2018 on Xbox. Since then it has received a plethora of free expansions and updates over the past two years and recent praise from other outlets after re-reviewing it.

For many, the move to Steam may not matter since it was released on PC for those with Game Pass, but the move to Steam may show that the developers have bigger plans coming down the line.

Last month it was announced that the game has had over 10 million players over its two year lifespan. A new update for the game also released last month being the named The Heart of Fire update, adding new weapons, quests, shops and more.

Currently no price is known for the port but the specs needed to play have been revealed on its store page. Furthermore, the title’s tags on its store page indicate that there will be cross-play with Xbox.

This article will be updated with any further details when the port is officially announced.

Update: The port has been officially announced on Xbox Wire but no further details of release date or price have been revealed.

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