Rustler: Grand Theft…Horse?

The Rustler Demo is Free on Steam

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Two years ago a small independent studio called Jutsu Games announced Rustler. A medieval game with  an isometric camera very similar to the one from old school GTA. An open world where you can screw around and not care about main story at all? It sounds more than tempting. Two years passed and now we are able to try a demo of this strange mash up of genital jokes, beating people up and stealing horses.

Rustler Guy wake up with hangover


As mentioned before the game has an isometric camera (top down view). This camera gives it an old school vibe reminiscent of older open world games. But the gameplay is the real deal. The developers present it by having you play as a guy named Guy, ensuring that the protagonist’s name is the last thing you’ll care about. In the demo you can try a couple of missions and get a taste of the story. Even though the story is pretty interesting it’s the little things you can do all around the world that gives the game so much value. You can collect bodies for the local gravedigger, fight in medieval martial arts or just screw around and steal a few horses. The process is even complete with beating up some dudes, getting a couple of stars and running from medieval cops. The only thing that is a bit rusty are the controls, it will take you some time to get them under control.


This theme is something that I really wanted to point out. Many AAA games look amazing and might even have a good story, but that story doesn’t feel right without proper music. Rustler absolutely smashes the music side of the game. Not only because you can hire your personal bard to play you music where ever you go (which by the way is absolutely hilarious) but also because the music is absolutely crushing, good and on point. To be honest the soundtrack was the first thing that caught my attention. You can hear classic medieval lute music but also medieval rap and even medieval techno soundtracks. I can put my hand in fire for this and promise that even if you don’t like the game you’ll love the music. I caught myself multiple times just cruising around on a horse and listening to the bard that sits behind me.

Rustler Knight with arms cut off, talking


This is where Rustler is I think little bit behind but it only depends how you look at it. Compared to Diablo 3 for example you might notice the game does not look that realistic. The fact is that game has a somewhat cartoonish look similar to Borderlands. I would go so far as to say that it shows a player that they really can not take this game seriously and having any views about realism is pointless and simply won’t work in relation to this title. Some people may like the look some may not this is actually very subjective field.

Rustler Medieval Martial Arts Arena


First of all keep in mind that the game is in an early stage and it might have some holes in it, but overall the demo shows what the developers have in mind. That being said, just buy it! Support Rustler developers on Kickstarter! Not only can you have the game for only 20$ but also a thanks in the game’s credits.

I really believe that this game has massive potential. I can already see, thanks to this demo that the developers are on the right track. If you have at least the tiniest sense of humor you will laugh, and from my experience I can assure you that this game is worth it. Of course this is only my suggestion but if I may suggest you one thing than it would be this: Go on steam, download the demo for free and try it yourself. Like it or not, you won’t spend a penny either way.

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  • Soundtrack
  • Full of jokes
  • Many side activities
  • Free demo


  • Controls takes time
  • Not out yet

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