Runescape Double XP Weekend – How to Avoid “XP Waste”

In a surprise turn of events. Jagex is hosting another double XP weekend in Gielinor. How can you minimise XP waste?

XP Waste. XP waste everywhere. Despite Runescape only having their last double XP weekend at the end of August, Jagex announced a few weeks ago that they are having another next weekend, Friday, November 16th – Monday, November 19th. So, with only a little time to prepare, I will give you a few handy tips and tricks to prepare yourself, both in and out of the game, to get the best out of your 72 hours of gains. Because after all, you don’t want to be that n00b who wastes XP.

Firstly, and in my opinion most importantly: Decide a plan for your time. The worst thing to do is go into the weekend with only a task that will take you a few hours, because you’re going to have to actively think about your next option, and then you’re unprepared. You nearly at 99 on a skill? Grind the hell out of it. Want to boost your more expensive skills like Herblore or Summoning? Start collecting your herbs and charms. Or do you want to just get as much XP as you can? Explore your skills and see what has the highest XP/hour method. This is key to success over the weekend.

Secondly: Preparation. You have your plan, now prepare for it. Get those herbs and ingredients, the charms and pouches or planks. Set presets, create urns, and make sure you are wasting as little time as you can in the game during the double-XP. If you’re doing Herblore or Summoning, I Highly suggest buying 200-500 more of an ingredient if you plan to use Wells or Spirit Items. While you may have some left over, it will stop you having to buy more in a saturated market.

Third tip: Sell your potions/pouches early for 15-20% less than GE price. Because Herblore and Summoning are the two most popular skills to train over this time period, the quicker you sell the finished product the better. People will wait until the end, and with the supply being significantly higher than the demand, the market will crash. Sure, you may lose a bit more money than you had hoped, but it’s better than not being able to sell them!

An out of game tip now: Don’t buy energy drinks. Instead, get Squash (UK) or Kool-Aid (US) and something snack-wise like a big bag of Doritos. If you get a six pack of Monster, you will crash and feel like death halfway through. It doesn’t matter. However, with squash and a snack, you keep your sugar levels higher but not too high to the point of being unhealthy and crashing out, and you’ll keep your thirst at bay. The more you drink, the less hungry you’ll feel.

Another out of game tip: Every hour or so, take a minute to get up and stretch. The longer you stay seated, the more your body is going to hurt and suffer in the long run. You need to stretch to keep your body in good shape. Take these office stretches and you’ll be dandy.

And finally, HAVE FUN. Double XP weekends are a massive grind and afterward, you’ll want to avoid the game for a few days as a reset. To combat this, play with friends, make a YouTube playlist or watch a few movies. You’ll be surprised how much quicker the time actually goes when you are multitasking. Just… get some sleep. Even a little. Sleep is important.

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