Containers Full of RTX 3090s Stolen in China

That's a lot of graphics

According to a report from Tom’s Hardware, 40 cargo boxes full of RTX 3090 graphics cards were stolen from MSI’s factory in China.

The total value of the stolen graphics cards amount to $336,500. Authorities have a $15,000 reward for anyone with information on where the stolen RTX 3090s are. They also offer clemency to those who participated in the heist and know where the cards are located.

There’s a possibility the heist is an insider job, according to MSI. Its shipping area has video surveillance and it often inspects trucks coming in and out of the factory.

Because this is only one batch of cards, the supply shouldn’t be too disturbed as a result of the theft. That said, you could see a deficit of RTX 3090s if they were headed to your neck of the woods.

It makes sense for someone or several people to steal RTX 3090s, even if it’s illegal to do so. Supply of the beefy graphics card is consistently dry due to high demand. It’s so bad, you’ll see people selling the RTX 3090 on eBay for anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500. Keep in mind the card normally sells for $1,499.

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