Returnal Dev Responds to Fans Asking For a Save-and-Quit Option

Not yes, but at least it isn't a no

Although Returnal has reviewed and sold well, there’s one missing feature fans of the game have been vocal about: a save-and-quit option. Luckily for fans, developer Housemarque has heard them loud and clear.

Responding to a Reddit thread asking for the aforementioned feature, Housemarque said the following on Twitter yesterday:

No need to be toxic about people who need save-options! We hear the community and we love you all. Nothing to announce now, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as you can!

Returnal is a third-person rogue-like title, so the expectation is for you to die plenty of times and start again from the beginning. Since the game’s launch, fans have asked for the ability to save your progress and return to the game whenever you want.

Players can use the PlayStation 5’s rest mode, but it’s not ideal when you want to play something else. Returnal features a checkpoint system, but checkpoints only work once per run.

Housemarque’s comments are far from a confirmation of a save-and-quit option coming to Returnal. However, they at least show the developer is paying close attention to how players are receiving the game.

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