Rainbow Six Siege Hits New Milestones

Ubisoft announced that Rainbow Six Siege has hit a new milestone, 30 million players across all platforms.

Along with the 30 million players, Ubisoft hit an all new high with their Rainbow Six Siege Invitational, getting over 320,000 concurrent users at their peak and more than 6.2 million hours watched across all channels.

Rainbow Six Siege released in December of 2015, with a low player count and bad press due to glitches and bugs. As time has gone on Ubisoft has dedicated a lot of time and resources to bring Siege back. By the games two-year mark it had reached 25 million players. Ubisoft has listened to what players wanted and created an update cycle that keeps it fresh, introducing a new map and characters every season with “Mid-Season Reinforcements” between major updates to rebalance and shake the meta.

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