The P.T. Demo Will Not Run on the PS5

It will still work on the PS4, assuming you have it

In an email sent to GamesRadar today, Konami confirmed cult horror demo P.T. will not be backwards compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

“The content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5,” reads the email.

Despite its short length and removal from the PlayStation Store in 2015, P.T. is considered one of the most influential horror games in recent memories. The demo was designed as a means to re-introduce the Silent Hill series, although that was before the rift between Hideo Kojima and Konami.

As of this writing, the only legitimate way to try out P.T. is if you grabbed the demo before it was pulled from the PlayStation Store.

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