PlayStation 5 Release Might Hit a Snag in India

All thanks to a trademark application

According to a report from The Mako Reactor, the PlayStation 5 launch in India might get delayed due to an ongoing trademark issue.

Delhi resident Hitesh Aswani filed a trademark application for the PS5 name in October 2019. Sony didn’t apply for the same trademark until February 2020, which is strange given the PlayStation 5 was indirectly announced back in March 2019.

Unfortunately for Sony, India’s regulatory body currently has both aforementioned trademark applications as “Opposed” until it makes a decision on the matter.

This puts Sony in an awkward position. It can’t sell the PlayStation 5 in India until it gets trademark approval. The lack of a trademark might be the same reason why pre-orders aren’t available in India yet.

All of this means the PlayStation 5 might not launch in India at the same time as in the rest of the world.

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