It Sucks to Buy a PS5 and Get Concrete Instead

It's not a lump of coal -- it's worse

It’s been extremely difficult to purchase a PlayStation 5, but one buyer thought he got lucky when he ordered the system from an eBay seller. Unfortunately for the buyer, what he ordered wasn’t what he received.

According to Fox 13 Now, a Utah resident purchased a PlayStation 5 on eBay for $878. It’s certainly a steep amount to pay for a console normally costing $499.99, but it’s better than the prices other scalpers ask for.

Once the box arrived at his doorstep, the man didn’t find a PlayStation 5 inside. Instead, he received a gigantic chunk of concrete. A very expensive chunk of concrete, but concrete nonetheless.

The man got the local authorities involved and contacted eBay for a refund. Buyers are entitled to a refund if they receive a item not as originally described.

It’s a reminder to be wary of sellers without a feedback score on eBay.

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