There’s a Way to Buy Unlisted Games on the PlayStation Store

The workaround only works on computers

Although Sony has taken plenty of games off of the PlayStation Store, someone found a way to bring them back and make them available for purchase again.

It turns out Sony didn’t take down older versions of the PlayStation Store. Instead, the company may have just removed a few HTML files to prevent people from accessing APIs.

That’s where Firefox plugin Valkyrie PS Store comes in. The plugin lets you access older versions of the PlayStation Store by using backed-up web pages from the Wayback Machine archive.

It’s a useful plugin for those who make their purchases on their computers. In October 2020, Sony removed the ability to purchase PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita titles from the web version of the PlayStation Store. It also removed add-ons for aforementioned titles, as well as PlayStation 4 apps, themes, and avatars.

There’s no telling if or when Sony will close up this loophole. For now, at least, the plugin works as advertised.

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