Here Are All the PlayStation 5 Accessories Unveiled Today

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Along with what the PlayStation 5 looks like, Sony today unveiled a range of accessories for the upcoming console during today’s showcase.

HD Camera

HD Camera for the PlayStation 5

First up is the HD Camera, which features two 1080p sensors. Odds are you’ll place the HD Camera on top of your TV, which will allow you to stream gameplay and your beautiful mugs from the couch.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for the PlayStation 5

There’s also the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a wireless headset that supports 3D audio, a highlight feature of the PlayStation 5. The headset also features dual noise-cancelling microphones, which should make your conversations easier for others in your party to hear.

Media Remote

Media Remote for the PlayStation 5

If you want to sit back and watch a movie or TV show, there’s the Media Remote. The remote features a built-in microphone for voice control, along with your standard array of media controls and four unmarked buttons.

DualSense Charging Station

DualSense Charging Station for the PlayStation 5

Last up, we have the DualSense Charging Station. As the name implies, it can charge up to two DualSense controllers at the same time. Instead of using the controller’s USB-C port, the charging station connects to controllers through a separate accessory dock.

Sony didn’t announce pricing or availability for the accessories, though we assume they’ll launch alongside the PlayStation 5 later this year.

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