Our Podcasts Need a Vacation/Get Ready for Season 2

For our regular listeners, you already know that we are winding down the podcasts that show up on Gaming Historia this month. Due to a few real-life events, we have had to move the end of season one up a little bit. For the next five to six weeks we will not be releasing many new episodes. Besieged should still show up and there may be a few teasers if time permits.

This is the reason for the break from season one. We learned a great deal about launching a podcast, editing a podcast and giving you the best of which we are capable. While we are happy with what we achieved, we want to make things even better. So, over the coming weeks, we are going to start recording, playing with a few different ideas, getting new shows ready to go and look at the overall feel of each podcast. That way when we come back in August for season two, you will know which shows you enjoy the most from the first episode or two.

That should allow you to then focus your time on what you enjoy the most. Ultimately, we hope you like all of what we produce, but we get the fact that different listeners will enjoy different shows. With that said, expect a few new shows to launch in August along with the usual line-up. You will also see the return of Chloe to Chloe and Chris: Talk Games.

While we hate to take a break and understand that this may be frustrating to our listeners, we hope that you understand our reasonings. We were pushing to get each episode done on a weekly basis, and over the next month and change, we are going to get a backlog put together of additional episodes. Why is that a good thing? When our hosts are busy, we won’t have to find a quick episode to takes its place. Instead, we will have an episode ready to go. We appreciate the listeners and look forward to your feedback. We will be busy behind the scenes getting ready for season two, but we welcome your feedback on our first season! If you want to hang out with some of the team here, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitch, where you will find us streaming frequently, with a schedule coming soon.

Until then, enjoy the backlog of episodes and see where we started and how much we grew. Best wishes!

Chris Gravelle and the entire podcasting team from Gaming Historia.

Chris has been playing around in the gaming industry for entirely too long. These days he is working on become an educator while also chasing his passion of helping up and coming writers and content creators make a name for themselves. He’s a talker, so careful if you value your time.

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