Opus XII Yuna The Good, The Bad, The Synergy

While Opus XII has been delayed due to Covid-19 we are still getting spoilers to keep us engaged with FFTCG. As the Opus XII spoilers are announced we will take a look at them and see what can they do. The first spoiled card is also the box topper! Today we will be looking over the PR-075/12-105L Yuna.

The Good


The first effect reads: “When Yuna enters the field, if a Forward you controlled formed a party this turn, draw 2 cards”

Drawing cards is amazing. At the core of most card games drawing cards gives the player more options. More options lead to higher levels of play. When a player draws cards they often have to choose between developing their hand and developing the playing field. As such, Forwards that draw cards immediately are often understated or over-costed. Yuna does not suffer from these downsides. Her stat line is on curve and her draw ability is immediate. This is just the start, as it is just one piece of the card with two other abilities to break down.

Her next ability says: “When Yuna forms a party and attacks, choose 1 Forward. It loses 4000 power for each attacking Forward”

FFTCG Opus V Cloud Of Darkness
This is a very powerful effect. We have seen a very similar effect on the Opus V Cloud of Darkness. That card would reduce the power of a card on entry, often outright destroying them and then, on attack, would lower the power of another forward making it susceptible to cheap removal. Yuna acts in a very similar way. When Yuna party attacks she will reduce the power of a forward enough to outright destroy it, or make a large forward highly susceptible to cheap AOE damage.

Her last ability states: “Name 1 Element other than Light or Dark. Yuna becomes the named Element until the end of the turn. You can only use this ability once per turn”

This effect is a little more straight forward. She can change elements once per turn at no cost. Color changing abilities let her form parties with almost any Forward. Additionally, there are certain tricks that can be of use with this ability. In a Water/Lightning deck, for example, playing Lulu (1-150R) will buff Yuna after she has changed her element to Lighting.

The Bad

While the Opus XII Yuna has a lot of good things going on, there is simply one thing that we can’t overlook; the party attack mechanic. To make use of her effect she will almost always be played during the second main phase. The cards you draw from her will also be during the second main phase. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Yuna’s first effect can’t finish games. If you are ahead on the board and only need a piece of removal to win the game, but draw Yuna, you won’t win the game. If you need a Cloud of Darkness, Leviathan, or Famfrit but draw Yuna, you won’t win the game. You may have a great lead for the following turn but your opponent will have a turn before then. If the board is in that delicate state where both players need just a little bit more to make it Opus XII Yuna won’t cut it.

Another issue is the ability to play enough Forwards to the field to make party attacks worthwhile. You’d want to play a deck that plays lots of low cost, low power Forwards to be able to make use of the party attack mechanic. At the moment there aren’t many decks that want to flood the field and leverage quantity over quality. Decks that can utilize Leila and Viking come to mind, but outside of that I don’t see any particularly reason for these plays. Yet, many mono Water decks and most Wind/Water decks have removed the Viking package. I’m not sure if this new Yuna is strong enough to make those cards see play again.

Lastly, the party mechanic is clunky when forced. If you have multiple Forwards and your opponent has none, you can deal two points of damage. If you draw Yuna you have to decide between a sub optimal play (only dealing one point of damage) and drawing two cards, or deal the most damage you can to your opponent. While there may be times when Yuna lines up with the optimal party attack play I guarantee that there will be times when you will draw her and groan.

The Synergy

Does this card have synergy? It’s got synergy all over the place. For starters, the new backup Chelinka allows for some ridiculous swings. Legend Rosa allows for Opus XII Yuna’s first effect to trigger while still dealing the most amount of damage to your opponent. Rosa also allows for Yuna’s second effect to trigger while dealing the most amount of damage. Rosa has a field ability that protects your forwards from damage. I can’t think of a better match made in heaven than that Rosa and Yuna. There is great synergy in a Gullwings deck. This is the second Yuna with the job Gullwings. The first one was fast and had board control. This one does much of the same; drawing cards on entry and presenting strong board control. Yet this newer Yuna isn’t relegated to a specific job or element(s).

We also have to mention the bad synergy. Yuna has massive name clashes with many very good cards. Current iterations use a backup Yuna for consistency. This allows for the Starter Paine to be consistently powerful. While starter Paine still works with Opus XII Yuna, there is a large drop in consistency. We’ve seen many Forward Yunas not see play, with the newest in Opus X seeing almost none. Wind/Water has been a prevalent deck since the dawn of the game with each iteration using a Yuna that is a backup. Several Forward Yunas have been printed but only the backups see play.

Final Thoughts On Opus XII Legend Yuna

It’s hard to assess this card solely by itself. We can come up with cool combos and strong plays, but it’s difficult to gauge how strong this card will truly be. A new Yuna isn’t just a new Yuna. It’s a new version of the Wind/Water category X package. Without a backup to consistently trigger Paine or Valefor we don’t know if these cards are worth playing in the deck at all. Yuna isn’t alone. Yuna has so many cards that support her and she supports in return. Only time will tell if this Yuna will finally break the Wind/Water mold.

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