Opus XII Announced for Final Fantasy TCG with New Mechanics

Square Enix has announced some information about the new Final Fantasy TCG set called Opus XII Crystal Awakening. There are some new mechanics coming to the growing card game which should help the TCG continue to grow in popularity.

Multi-Element Forwards

While we don’t have the text for the new multi-element forwards, they are coming. In Opus XII, forwards with multiple elements will require at least one CP of each Element in their casting cost. This restriction will be offset by more powerful forwards and abilities.

As a newer player of the game this is exciting for me. My background has been in Magic and I remember when Legends first hit the scene and gold cards were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Looking back, the cards were trash for the most part, but they were status symbols. Hopefully, Square Enix finds a good balance of power vs. cost with these cards and we don’t see broken or under powered multi-elements in their debut. Time will tell, but I’m betting they won’t be too powerful since most decks should be able to slot them in already. It will add more to deck building, which is what has me excited.

Legacy Cards and New Title

In addition, the set will include premium full art “Legacy Cards” which will be pulled from some of the most popular cards from past opuses. The three announced for Opus XII so far are: Shantotto (1-107L), Locke (4-048L), and Minwu (6-123L). New cards from Final Fantasy Explorers will also release in this set. 22 Full art cards can be found so get ready to start your pre-orders when they go live. The current release date for the set is July 17th, 2020, but may change depending on current events.

I was just talking to a friend about ordering extra when the next set came out and then saw this announcement, so now I guess I need to stick to that. The “chase” cards that release in these packs add that rush that keeps you cracking packs and I can’t wait to get my hands on some boxes when it launches.

What are your thoughts on the new multi-element forwards? How will this effect the current prices of Shantotto , Locke? Magic: the Gathering did something similar with masterpiece cards in many sets and saw huge success, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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For the Art Fans

Illustrations for the new set are listed below for those of you that follow specific artists:

  • Mr Ryoma Ito – FINAL FANTASY XI
  • Ms Rubi Asami – ORIGINAL
  • Mr Toshiyuki Itahana – FINAL FANTASY IX
  • Mr Yusuke Naora – FINAL FANTASY XI
  • Mr Isamu Kamikokuryo – FINAL FANTASY XII
  • Mr Toshitaka Matsuda – FINAL FANTASY V
  • Mr Yukihiro Kajimoto  FINAL FANTASY V
  • Mr Satoshi Kuramochi FINAL FANTASY XV


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