No More Heroes 3 Pushed Back to Next Year

Yet another 2020 game has been delayed

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Yet another game has been delayed to 2021, this time being Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming No More Heroes 3 for the Nintendo Switch.

The delay is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has forced game developers to work from home. Japanese game developers in particular have been negatively affected by the work-from-home orders, since Japanese businesspersons generally don’t have their homes outfitted for work-from-home scenarios.

“Now that we have managed to get back on our feet with development, we have decided to focus on prioritizing quality, and to therefore push back the final release date,” said developer Goichi Suda.

On the bright side, Suda also announced Darick Robertson will provide illustrations for No More Heroes 3. Robertson is known for his work on The Boys, so expect the illustrations to look great.

No More Heroes 3 will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The game was announced back in 2019 during Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation.

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