Ready for Another Lawsuit Against Nintendo Over Joy-Con Drift?

Well, you got it anyway

Nintendo’s legal headaches over Joy-Con drift continue, as the company is facing yet another lawsuit over the issue. This time, it’s coming out of a Seattle court.

According to the latest lawsuit, the plaintiff experienced drift began three months after purchasing the Nintendo Switch. The plaintiff paid a $40 fee to have Nintendo repair the Joy-Cons, only for them to experience drift again after several months of use.

The plaintiff purchased three additional sets of Joy-Cons, only for all three to exhibit drift.

Unlike other lawsuits, this one didn’t stop at the plaintiff’s experiences. The lawsuit includes a technical breakdown by an expert, who suggested Joy-Con drift is caused by wear on the controller’s interior pads.

The plaintiff’s lawyers argue Nintendo knows about the problem and isn’t being upfront with its customers. They also argue Nintendo’s take on the matter is unlawful, deceptive, and fraudulent.

Although Nintendo hasn’t officially recognized Joy-Con drift, it currently offers free repairs.

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