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The Sea of Thieves team announced their September Monthly Update on September 8th, announcing the long-awaited Pirate Emporium, the previously mentioned Black Market and more. New Voyages and activities, like the Sea Dogs tavern challenges, are also included in this Monthly Update.


Duke’s Black Market is finally open for business. We discussed the developer’s update in our previous post. Player’s will be able to acquire free Voyages, purchase variants on existing cosmetics and variants on previously time-limited items. Never one to leave an opportunity standing, Duke is also offering new Voyages. Mysterious crates are buried all around Shipwreck Bay and Duke is tasking players to dig up these crates and within a time limit, deliver them to a designated Seapost. For player’s preferring a relatively more peaceful task, a Seapost to Seapost Voyage is available. Legendary Pirates can take on a special Voyage that’ll offer greater rewards. All Voyages reward players with doubloons.


The Pirate Emporium is also making its debut with the Smuggler’s Fortune update. Rare has introduced its first premium shop where player’s will be able to buy unique items such as the Banjo-Kazooie ship cosmetics (and the Collector’s version) for Ancient Coins. Ancient Coins can be bought with real-world money. Defeating the new, rare Ancient Skeletons will provide small amounts of Ancient Coins. The pricing starts at 150 coins for $1.99 to 4250 for $34.99. For a more complete list check out the Content Update video. The store offers other content such as new emotes and the long-awaited pets! Pets aren’t just new static cosmetic items. Players can have their pets ‘perch’ on their arm and in various locations on their ships. They will also react to various events like music, food or emotes. There are two available pets for now – Monkeys (Barbarys or Capuchins), and Parrots (Parakeets or Macaws). There are two available pets for now – Monkeys (Barbarys or Capuchins), and Parrots (Parakeets or Macaws). The prices for pets, as of now, is 499 Ancients Coins.

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