New Measures To Combat Toxicity Is Coming To Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft announced in a new Rainbow Six Siege Dev Blog that it is increasing efforts to battle toxicity. In the newest Dev Blog Post, it talks about a series of changes that will be coming to the game.

Chat Monitoring is already running. It will be keeping track of how many times and how often individual players break the code of conduct, saying homophobic or racial slurs for example. Ubisoft will the apply a ban to the player depending on the situation. The bans that players can face are

  • 2 days
  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • Permanent

The bans do not increase over time but are picked on a case by case basis.

Mute Text Chat Function is set to release for season 3. It will allow players to mute more than just the voice chat, and allow them to mute the text another player uses for communication. A player can decide to mute one or the other or both, depending on how they feel. An example Ubisoft used is “You can mute the text chat of player A, the voice chat of player B, text and voice for player C, and neither for player D.”

Chat Filtering is also set to release in season 3. It will be an automated system to find and replace offensive words. After an offensive word is replaced the player will be given a warning stating that their language is not acceptable. If the player gets the warning too many times, they will face repercussions.

Team Killing is a big issue across all platforms. It will now be tracked starting in season 2. Players that intentionally kill a teammate will be tracked over multiple games to try and find the players that slip through the cracks. Ubisoft does not want to give to much detail so players can not exploit the system.

Ubisoft said that these are short-term changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in an attempt to continue tackling the toxicity issue. The new changes are small steps towards more changes that are being worked on to help make playing Rainbow Six Siege more of a positive experience.

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