New Leaks Show A Different Pokémon Red and Blue

We Could Have Been Catching Capsule Monsters Instead

Earlier this week, an interesting bit of Pokémon news came to light that could have drastically shaped the way we view and even call the beloved two decades and counting franchise. An online group and website known as the “Helix Chamber” have gotten their hands on prototype assets to Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Here is what they found inside the code.

A different name and logo

It is no surprise that Pokémon was not always the name of the series. As early documentation showed that the games were working under a different title; Capsule Monsters. Here we have a prototype title screen. The “C” appears to resemble a shark much like the Vancouver Canucks’ of the National Hockey League logo. The “O” is represented by a Pokéball (capsule) or possibly an early form of the electric-type Voltorb?

190 Pokémon as opposed to the original 151 with earlier sprite work for most

Well, the Pokémon rap would have certainly been different, to say the least. Data and sprite work show there were a whopping 190 Pokémon planned for Generation I instead of the 151 we ended up receiving. This is not major news as most Pokéfans were already aware of this information. What is major is 20-year old back sprites we are finally getting to see. Blastoise alpha name is pretty notable too. Seems like the cannon wielding final stage water-type starter was originally going to be named “Tortartle.”

A further explanation of the infamous MissingNo. glitch

For decades now Pokéfans have speculated that MissingNo. was Generation II Pokémon that could not make it into Red and Blue due to hardware limitation, but it seems that that was never the case. Back in May 2018, Pikachu’s illustrator Atsuko Nishida mentioned of a third stage evolution for the yellow rodent and these assets further confirm this. No front sprites are available but back sprites for Gorochu do exist in the data. What is also interesting is early artwork show a cactus, shark, and elephant based Pokémon. ‘Mons that would make their way into future Pokémon installments, Generation II and III respectively.

This is not the first time lost Pokémon data seemed to have surfaced out of thin air. In June 2018, the elusive Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver beta demo from Nintendo SpaceWorld Convention in Japan from 1997, seemingly popped out of nowhere. Much like the Red and Blue assets, the original Generation II demo revealed a much different game than we were shipped. Are Generation III lost assets next to be leaked to the public?

Click here for an extensive look at all these plus more assets uncovered by Helix chamber.

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