New Game Plus Expo Will Include Announcements From Sega and More

Yet another E3 replacement will appear

With Summer Game Fest already underway, there will be another digital games showcase in town. Called New Game Plus Expo (NGPX), it’ll feature news and gameplay from upcoming titles.

NGPX will kick things off June 23 at 8:00am PDT, with interviews and first looks from 9:00am to 4:00pm PDT. Publishers from North America and Japan will take part in NGPX, with a good mixture of smaller and larger companies.

Here’s the list of publishers participating in NGPX:

  • Acttil
  • Aksys Games
  • Arc System Works America
  • Atlus
  • Grasshopper Manufacture
  • GungHo America
  • Idea Factory International
  • Inti Creates
  • Koei Tecmo
  • Natsume
  • NIS America
  • Playism
  • Sega of America
  • SNK
  • Spike Chunsoft
  • WayForward

The event will be livestreamed on Twitch, with a more specific schedule eventually going up on the NGPX website.

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