New BioWare Blog Series About The Development of Anthem and Andromeda

The General Manager of BioWare created a blog to let fans know about the changes to the studio and the development of both Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Casey Hudson is the Producer/Director of both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect Trilogy and now General Manager of Bioware. Hudson has started a new series of blog posts that are meant to share with fans the studio’s thoughts and ideas about the development of Anthem and the lessons they learned from Mass Effect Andromeda.


Hudson’s first post was made April 16, 2018, which served as a first entry, explaining that BioWare has learned a lot from the fan response to Andromeda, along with Hudson’s time away to work at Microsoft. With all the knowledge, experience and Casey Hudson’s return as General Manager, the company has got to “refocus BioWare’s mission” as one step to better games, in both the gameplay and stories.

Mass Effect Andromeda received a lot of backlash when it came to the story because it left questions unanswered, but the studio was unable to create the DLC to answer the questions. The fans outcry about the story has led to BioWare refocusing to make sure they still have a heavy focus on the world and story along with the innovation to gameplay. All of these lessons are now fueling the development of BioWare’s upcoming game, Anthem, which many fans of the company have been worried about due to Andromeda and how EA treated Star Wars Battlefront II.

The new blog will help put fans at easy because Casey Hudson will have the new blog series as a way to share with fans the vision of the studio, the thoughts about development, and share the lessons they have learned. This is a huge step toward pleasing fans and developers alike, sharing ideas and growing as a company.

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