Mythgard Deck Build Challenge Week One

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Our first article on Mythgard was a huge hit, and it seems that the community really grew. After speaking with people in the community, we decided to start working on a weekly or bi-weekly deck building challenge based on a card, a couple of cards, or certain restrictions.

(Not Sure What Mythgard Is Or How To Get In? Read Our Initial Primer Here.)

For our first foray into the deck building challenge, we are going to use two cards that are not exactly super powerful on their own but could be with the right build. The two cards in question are Berserkr Sickness from Blue and Minitaur from Red.

For this build, we aren’t going to put in any restrictions, but we would love to see a variety of builds that range from new player friendly builds to more advanced builds for those that have spent the cash or played long enough to have a larger collection.

I haven’t built anything myself, but it has been suggested that Red Carnival would be a good part of the puzzle to make this work. I also think that Shadow Trapeze may be worth considering to give the smaller creatures agile. Card draw will be key, regardless of how you get it, and I think your life total will be less important in many builds than it would usually be.

There is also room to expand out and take Berserkr Sickness and Minitaur into a rainbow deck and let them find some synergies there. Ultimately, the goal is not necessarily to build the greatest deck in all of Mythgard but to flex your brain muscles to look at cards that you normally would not consider.

The plan is to proceed with one of these a week, and if you have ideas for the next required cards or deck building challenge, drop a line in the comments and let me know. You can also reach me on Discord if you would like to discuss further ideas for deck building challenges.

If you would like to join our server, you can do so by following this link, which will let you become part of the Gaming Historia community, or you can join the Mythgard Discord at this link. If you aren’t currently in the alpha, that is where you need to go to get started. Get to brewing and for now, post your decklist in the comments section of the article. We will open up a specific area in Discord in the coming weeks to post deck ideas and discuss them further.

Submit decks on the Mythgard subreddit post. If you want to submit a challenge for next week, email me at

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One Comment

  1. name: Hells Angels
    path: journey of souls
    power: impel
    3 cairnhenge
    4 freki scout
    2 grease monkey
    3 berserkr sickness
    3 valkyrie tough
    2 freki sidecar
    2 road queen
    3 stormdottir’s chosen
    3 tailroot wurm
    4 ignition
    3 minitaur
    2 vulcan brand
    3 freki huntress
    3 red carnival

    Coeslaw on Discord/ Drnightrain on mythgard

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