My Top 10 Boss Fights in the Metal Gear Franchise

A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal

I’m a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, and I was thinking what else could I write about the series other than explaining the story to people. I was given the idea of listing my top 10 boss fights in the franchise. So here goes!

Remember this is all opinionated so your list might be different!

10) Solidus – MGS 2


MGS 2 is one of my all time favourite games and still has one of the best twists in gaming to this day: we would play almost all of the game as this new character Raiden. Solidus is a major part of MGS 2 , where we find out he was the president of the United States and leader of the Sons of Liberty. He is also the perfect clone of Big Boss. When we end up fighting Solidus at the end of MGS 2 on top of a rooftop we are only allowed to use our sword. This makes for a harder fight as we cannot just shoot our way out of it. Solidus has a lot of abilities that make it a hard fight but once you get them down you can beat him. All in all a great boss fight.

9) Vulcan Raven – MGS 1

Vulcan Raven

When I first played Metal Gear Solid and met Raven for the first time in a tank I thought it was so cool and one of the hardest fights in MGS, especially since when you first meet him you can only throw grenades at him and the battleground is surrounded by claymore mines. While you defeat Raven in the tank you eventually have to fight him in person a bit later on in the game. This fight was a lot harder than the tank battle as Raven’s huge size and his giant mini gun was super scary to be in the way of. This fight relied on the player trapping Raven and making him walk into claymore mines or shooting lock-on stinger missiles before he could get a shot on Snake.

8) Fatman – MGS 2


Fatman was a member of the Sons of Liberty. This fight is one of the craziest fights in all of MGS. The player has to defuse bombs around the boss area while dodging and shooting Fatman himself while he is wheeling around on his roller skates. Overall, a fun boss fight that had us multitasking to defeat him. After which the player has to move his body to disable the bomb he activates before he dies.

7) Liquid Snake – MGS 1

Liquid Snake

Fighting Liquid Snake on top of the defeated Metal Gear Rex was on of the coolest things ever about Metal Gear Solid. Having Snake fight his brother who, in all honesty was a better fighter than Snake, in every way was amazing to be a part of. Even though Liquid is more trained than Solid Snake. Snake does what he does and defeats Liquid. We are then treated to an amazing car chase between Snake and Liquid with Meryl or Otacon driving. The player has to shoot the mounted machine gun on the back of the jeep at Liquid until they both crash and Liquid gives his final speech before dying. A great moment from a masterpiece of a game.

6) Metal Gear Rex vs Ray – MGS 4

Metal Gear Rex vs Ray

MGS 4 is my all time favourite Metal Gear game, I think it’s a masterpiece and a fitting end to Snake’s story. MGS 4 had a lot of amazing moments, one of which has you controlling Metal Gear Rex in a fight with Metal Gear Ray piloted by Liquid Ocelot During Snake’s return to Shadow Moses Island from the original Metal Gear Solid. This fight is not only epic but is also a great throw back to original Metal Gear games. The player gets all of Rex’s toys at their disposal including missiles and a 30 mm machine gun. We had to dodge Ray’s rockets and hit him when he was vulnerable. One of the best fights in all of Metal Gear.

Now we get into my top five.

5) Sniper Wolf – MGS1

Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf is one of the best characters in the whole Metal Gear franchise. MG has always had strong female characters and Sniper Wolf is one of them. When we first fight Wolf she shoots and wounds Meryl to lure out Snake. The player first has to call Colonel and Naomi to find out where to find a Sniper Rifle, we then have to call Otacon who directs us to where a PSG-1 sniper rifle is located and has the player going all the way back to the beginning of the game. Once the rifle is found Snake has to fight Wolf in a tight corridor and defeats her for the first time. Later on in the game we fight Wolf again and this is one of the most beautiful fights in all of Metal Gear. Wolf once again tries to kill Snake even though Otacon is against Snake killing her. Snake has along drawn out battle with Wolf and this whole fight is set with a soundtrack of Snake’s heartbeat. Once Wolf is defeated we are treated to her final words, this is one of a few scenes in all of the games that makes me cry.

4) The End – MGS 3

MGS 3 is filled of amazing boss battles and the fight with the End is one of them. The End was a legendary sniper and apart of the Boss’s Cobra Unit. He would sleep for days saving his energy for fighting. When we fight The End we have a number of different ways to defeat him. The whole fight is about Snake stalking his prey rather than just all out shooting. If the player finds thermal goggles earlier in the game then they can see The Ends footsteps and sneak up on him. The player could also shoot The End’s parrot that he uses to track your movements; if the player does this is it makes it harder for him to track you. The player can also change the clock on their console to a week in advance and doing this will make The End die of old age. Players can also avoid this fight entirely if they kill The End earlier on in the game when he is in a wheel chair just outside of a facility. If the player does this then the boss area will be filled with random guards instead of The End fight.

3) Psycho Mantis – MGS 1

In my Opinion Mantis is one of the best bosses ever created in a video game ever. The whole idea of having him read your memory card and be able to make your controller vibrate was incredible back on the original PlayStation. I was amazed when he talked about how I liked to play Castlevania and how that not saving often made me reckless. We first have to defeat Meryl without shooting her as she is being controlled by Mantis. Once Meryl is knocked out we then fight Mantis. Who can use stealth technology to go invisible but if the player has thermal goggles then they can see where Mantis is. We find out that if we remove our controller from slot one and place it into slot two then he cannot read our mind. This alone is an amazing idea back in the PS1 days. There are lot of mechanics in this fight, a lot involve us dodging different furniture thrown at us.

2) Gray Fox – MGS 1

Gray Fox

Gray Fox is my favourite character in the whole MGS franchise, I wanted him to be number one so badly but I can’t replace number one. Anyways Gray Fox is a Cyborg Ninja that we meet in MGS 1 when he cuts off the hand of Revolver Ocelot ,We then meet and fight Fox later on in the game and we see how much he wants to fight Snake after their previous meeting in the older Metal Gear games before the PS1 version. We have to fight Fox in hand to hand combat while he uses a sword. This is one of the most intense boss battles in all of the games.

Fox uses Stealth Technology to remain hidden from Snake, if the player does not find Fox within a certain time he will move to another position. This fight was also amazing for the narrative as Fox drops hints to Snake that he should know who Fox is, and that he wants Snake to hurt him because he just wants to feel alive again. We later find out that Fox is Snake’s old buddy Frank Jaeger and tells Snake how he was the one that killed Naomi’s parents but felt guilty so adopted her as his sister. Frank Sacrifices himself to save Snake by destroying the radome of Rex before getting killed by Rex. One of his final words “a cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal” is regarded as one of the best lines in all of the games.

1) The Boss – MGS 3


The Fight with the Boss at the end of MGS 3 is one of the greatest fights in all of video games in my opinion. The Boss meant everything to Big Boss, she was his mentor and his friend. She was a mother figure to Big Boss and taught him everything she knows. She was regarded as the worlds greatest soldier but only wanted to be defeated by one person and that was her apprentice Big Boss.

This fight had everything. It was beautiful as well as being intense that had the player fight her in CQC that she taught Snake. The fight had the Snake Eater theme playing in the background to make it even more intense and emotional. This fight made Big Boss who he is today and still admired her up until his death. MGS 3 has the Boss placed in a lot of tense scenes with Big Boss who was known as Naked Snake at that time, and we all knew that we would have to fight her eventually. Once we defeat the Boss in battle she says “There can only be room for one Boss and one Snake”.

To add to this we had to sit there and contemplate whether or not to pull the trigger while Snake just stands there and aims at a defeated Boss. This was and intense moment that is still amazing to this day. Once the player eventually pulls the trigger the white flowers that they fight in turn red symbolising life and death.

All in all there are many amazing bosses in the Metal Gear franchise. I hope you guys liked my list of top ten bosses. Keep an eye out for more Metal Gear posts from myself in the future.

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Matthew is a Writer from the North-East of England. He is a huge fan of the Metal Gear Franchise and enjoys single player story driven games.

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