Monster Hunter Rise Demo Impressions

Most Impressive

On January 7th, Capcom graced us with a demo for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise. The title managed to capture my interest from the reveal trailer alone. Capcom seems to have unknowingly read my mind regarding my desires for a follow up to Monster Hunter World. I imagined a Monster Hunter that capitalizes off of the improvements of World, while bringing back some elements from previous entries. Even though the demo doesn’t reflect my imagination perfectly, it comes freakishly close.

Presentation and Style

Monster Hunter Rise is a beautiful game, especially for a switch title. Rise features a Japanese atmosphere mainly that of a ninja setting. It’s impressive at just how much the developers took advantage of the RE Engine. The game takes the realistic look of World and fuses it with the colorful display from the games that precede it. The game is gorgeous in both handheld and docked mode. The game’s frame rate is silky smooth and I haven’t  experienced any massive drops.

The Palamute

The Palamute is hands down my favorite part of the demo, and the main addition I was looking forward to getting my hands on. Serving as a new companion for hunters, this canine addresses the issue I have with World regarding its navigation. The Palamute is a fully controllable mount that players can use to get around the map quickly. It can also climb cliffs with little effort, making it much easier to handle vertical terrain as opposed to World. In addition to travel the Palamute can assist in battles as well.

Originally, I was worried that the creature would only be useful as a mount, but after playing the demo I found it much more adept for combat than the Palico. Even though developers stated that we can only take one companion online, I easily think the Palamute outclasses the Palico after playing the demo.

The Wirebug

The Wirebug shares a similar concept as the Palamute. During the demo I would use it to ascend to higher locations on the map. Surprisingly, I came to utilize the Wirebug in battle even more than the Palamute. While it can be used to strengthen guards and initiate some pretty devastating blows, I find it an effective tool to enhance maneuvers during combat. I didn’t employ it much while fighting the Great Izuchi, but for the Mizutsune I feel it’s a necessity.

Combat and Quests

Even though I’m more accustomed to combat in Generations Ultimate, I am thankful that Capcom is taking inspiration from World. The fluid combat system translates well to the Nintendo Switch. I went to my six go to weapons for the demo and all of them felt great to use. I did have to change the controls since I’m used to guarding with the front right trigger as opposed to the back, but it was an easy fix.

The demo features two quest as well as two tutorial missions. The first quest is against the brand new Great Izuchi, and the second has players face off against the returning Mizutsune. I had no trouble against the Izuchi, but the Mizutsune caused me to adapt. Even though I’ve fought the monster in previous games, the Mizutsune comes to Rise bringing some brand new attacks. The new moves were enough for the creature to cart me two times at most during some of my runs.

Wyvern Riding

The demo gives us the chance to test the Wyvern Riding ability. Triggered after a brief turf war players can mount and take control of Wyverns. While on the Monster, players can perform light attacks, heavy attacks and evasive maneuvers. There’s also a meter that builds up when players connect successful attacks while Wyvern Riding. When full, the monster will unleash an attack that deals massive damage. Players can also run monsters into walls to damage the mounted creature. I found the Wyvern Riding a viable strategy for quickly taking care of targeted Monsters.

Final Thoughts

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise was an enjoyable and pleasant surprise. I honestly thought that any title made for the switch after Monster Hunter World would get the short end in of the stick. Even though the demo doesn’t reflect the final product, it’s still amazing at how well the game performs. I can’t wait until March 26 to see the finished product.

You can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise here.

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