Missing Miiverse, one of Nintendo’s Most Interesting Creations

It’s safe to say that the Switch is a full-on success for Nintendo so far, already selling more units than the Wii U and selling at the same pace as the PS4. While that’s great news for Nintendo and it’s fans, I still haven’t quite moved on from my Wii U. Sure most of the good games are coming to the Switch, or more than likely will be coming, but the system is still getting a lot of play in my house. A key thing, for me anyway, is the Virtual Console, and as Nintendo still hasn’t figured out what they’re doing with a VC on the Switch, I’ll be content to play Advance Wars DS or Final Fantasy III on my Wii U. The Wii U games are also still great, and we have a blast with games like Super Mario Maker, however that title really makes me miss one key Wii U feature in particular; Miiverse.

For those who are unaware, let me catch you up on one of the greatest gaming social media inventions. Miiverse was basically Nintendo’s weird attempt at integrating social features in its games, first on the Wii U and then on the 3DS. Every game had its’ own Miiverse forum basically, and you could talk about the game on it, post pictures directly from the game into it and ask for help, and of course even draw pictures and post them up. I really appreciated a space that was dedicated to every game on the system, where people could talk about the game, or reach out, and I would spend quite a bit of time often just reading through posts, commenting on others posts, and generally trying to help out as best I could. I feel like it was pretty heavily monitored by Nintendo as I rarely saw anything offensive on there, though sometimes things slipped through the cracks, those posts were generally gone before long. You just never knew what you were going to find in the Miiverse threads, but there was usually something entertaining.

One of the other things I’ll miss is the art. While the legacy of Miiverse art posts will live on in games like Splatoon 2, which still lets people make art and has the art up in levels, I’ll miss some of the craziest pieces. Not just crazy, like minority offensive, but art made by people who spent way too much time drawing with the stylus and touchscreen. I drew a few pretty cool pieces in my time with the system, spent a bit of time with it, and knew what the capabilities were. So when I saw some of the art that was done it made me respect how much time people were spending on their creations. Miiverse became kind of a cool art gallery. I loved looking for some great pieces, would follow some of the artists that I really enjoyed, and liked commenting and chatting with them about their pieces. It was nice when Nintendo released Art Academy and other games like that which let players have even more tools for creation, but I’ll still miss the Miiverse art gallery.

I still love my Wii U and play it quite often, but without the Miiverse functionality, it will never quite be as good as it once was. I know the system didn’t sell well, and people are happy to have some of the best games head to the Switch, but for those enjoying Bayonetta 2 and even Legend of Zelda, just think about how great it would’ve been to have a specific community to just go in and post crazy screen caps, drawings, or just talk about the game. I miss Miiverse, and I hope one day Nintendo tries to do something as crazy as it again.

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