Microsoft’s xCloud Streaming Service Might Debut on iOS in 2021

It won't be a proper app, however

According to a report from The Verge published yesterday, Microsoft is working to bring its xCloud game streaming service to iOS sometime in 2021.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans say the company is developing a web version of xCloud for iOS and iPadOS devices. “We absolutely will end up on iOS,” Xbox head Phil Spencer reportedly said during an internal all-hands meeting.

“We’ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass.”

That’s not to say Microsoft isn’t working on a proper xCloud app for iOS and iPadOS. However, Apple’s restrictions on game streaming apps haven’t made things simple for Microsoft and other companies.

Based on current App Store guidelines, any title available on a game streaming app must also be individually available on the App Store. Considering the games on xCloud are designed to run on consoles and PCs, the rule currently makes it impossible for xCloud and other game streaming services to exist on the App Store.

It’s the same reason game streaming services like Google Stadia, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and others aren’t available on the App Store. Android users are sitting pretty, however — the restriction doesn’t exist on the Google Play Store.

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