Metro Exodus Second DLC Expansion: Sam’s Story Announced

4A Confirm February 11th Release Date

4A Games, the developers behind the Metro series, have announced that the second story DLC for Metro Exodus will be released on February 11th. It will be titled Sam’s Story.

The first DLC, The Two Colonels was released in 2019 that had players following the story Colonel Khlebvnikov in the Novosibirsk Metro before the arrival of the Aurora Crew.

In Sam’s Story, players will take control of the character Sam on his journey through the harbors of Vladivostok, in hopes that he can find a way back to the USA and hopefully find his family alive. Sam is a former US Marine that has worked under Colonel Miller since the nuclear war started and has also helped Artyom in the search for life outside of the tunnels of the Metro.

Inside the tunnels of the Metro, Sam thought that his task would be impossible. Though seeing that Moscow is not the only city to have survivors has given Sam hope. He will leave the aurora in search of a way back to the USA, arriving at the harbors of Vladivostok. Along the way he will learn that new tactics will be needed to survive this new harsh environment.

During this new story, players will discover new characters, weapons and monsters in a non-linear story that will offer hours of gameplay. Even with the controversy of the Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus remains as one of the best rated games to be released last year. Sam’s Story will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia on February the 11th 2020.

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Matthew is a Writer from the North-East of England. He is a huge fan of the Metal Gear Franchise and enjoys single player story driven games.

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